Thursday, September 2, 2010

Welcome to Stranded in Halligan and COMP 15!

Welcome to my blog, Stranded in Halligan!  I wrote this blog because COMP 15 has a pretty big difficulty spike from COMP 11, and I want to help make the material taught in COMP 15 easier to understand since really most of the work of COMP 15 is wrapping your head around the concepts of these new data structures.  Because of this, I present to you this blog, loaded with useful guides to each data structure covered in the course.

There are, however, still major differences between COMP 11 and COMP 15

1. In COMP 11, doing your homework in one night was doable.  In COMP 15, you need to work well in advance since some of the projects clock more than 20 hours of work.

2. In COMP 11, you were learning C++ syntax.  In COMP 15, you are using that syntax to make data structures, and the work is more abstract.

3. In COMP 11, pointers were mostly just used for dynamic arrays.  In COMP 15, you'll use pointers for many more functions since dynamic memory is used for almost every data structure.

And finally, in COMP 11, you were just learning the basics of C++.  By the time you're out of COMP 15, you will be a beast when it comes to C++ and you will be able to fairly quickly learn other languages up to the COMP 15 level.

Good luck in the course!


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